1+1:Region 2

“It is thus my contention, which I really want to offer as an opinion, that the triad of notions, “attitude-practice-deconstruction,” is not the post-modern paradigm that supposedly substituted for the modern paradigm, “creativity – medium- invention”. It is the same one, minus faith, plus suspicion.” – Therry De Duve

Through the use of post-production audio and composited screen captures from iChat conversations and glitched out stills from the film Sympathy for the Devil, this video explores the intersections of three themes by way of three acts – to Appropriate, to Destroy, to Publish.

The film uses Command:Shift:3 composites of a region 2 DVD copy of Jean Luc Goddard’s 1968 Film, originally titled One Plus One, played on a laptop in a region 1 format. The result of this digital translation was a dysmorphic abstraction of the film’s opening credits. In the style of an animated .gif these stills were then edited together with a series of accompanying dialogical elements resulting in a multi-layered reflexive adaptation of the themes explored on the blog over the duration of the course.

Elements of the dialogue used in this film were inspired by a contemporary adaptation of Richard Serra’s Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself made by visiting artists Hadley + Maxwell during a lecture at the University of Washington last May. The Meta-abstraction used in this short video was a riff on a riff with a bias toward digital and web based art. The verb list compiled for the audio also appears in screenshots as the video progresses.

On the day of the final the video was published as a comment on every blog post made during the course of this class. This method of disbursement was both an act of distribution as well as destruction since its reception in multiplicity would render its content unpalatable to the repeat viewer – the way words lose their meaning after constant utterance.

In short the project appropriates the use and proliferation of common materials, visual and conceptual, provided by the course and destroys them by way of accessing a series of known formal systems- digital degradation and spam. In this way the class context and materials act as both the content and methodology by which the project was produced and distributed, relying upon the framework of socially mediated spaces, collapsing the intent of the blog back in on itself by crudely rephrasing common tools, mixing “basic skill ennobled with humanistic knowledge.”

The response to these acts was varied. Some saw the project as a performance and some as a method by which to provoke conversation. Some were offended by the influx of emails and comments on posts they felt didn’t relate to the content of their specific post.


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