Things do not connect; they correspond.

“An art school, it would appear, does not teach art, but sets up the conditions necessary for creative production, and by extension the conditions for collaboration and social engagement.”
– Anton Vidokle

The idea of correspondence between thoughts and their manifestation as art practice is an undeniable theme in this class and was made quite evident in The Collected books of Jack Spicer. Unlike many traditional approaches to a making work, this idea brings about the concept that one, regardless of medium, can indeed “create poems with objects”.

If you have an idea, about say encountering space, you can fabricate that idea in any medium that would best suite its purpose. In opposition to the thought that a painter would paint an encounter with space or a photographer would photograph an encounter with space. The idea of a medium independent artist is one that I feel i greatly lacking in many formal art education programs. With the exception of a few, many academic institutions tech you the skills to create a work in a specific medium, or perhaps a number of mediums. However, it is not often that these programs invite students to be truly innovative in their exploration. Understanding of course that skill and training is a part of many people’s practice, these formal elements aren’t always needed to create a successful work of art. In many ways creativity, attitude, and innovation out-school talent and push the notion of a new emerging contemporary art practice, one that has surprisingly been in the works forever but is now gaining recognition in academia. In this way I truly appreciated  Thierry de Duve. I look forward to what the future of Art school truly has to offer, and I think institutions are starting to to realize their part in it.

Interested in more on info on Alt Ed Art School? Check out the Manifesta 6 reading list, it’s chalk full of readings from Olaf Metzel, Anton Vidokle, and more. This course pack came out of the Manifesta 6 biennial – which never actually happened.

More on the Manifesta International Foundation: “While our core business is the governance and production of roving biennials, the day-to-day activities of Manifesta include overseeing the publication of catalogues, books and the tri-annual Manifesta Journal, maintaining our ever-growing archives and staging symposiums, international cultural events and our own Coffee Breaks.”


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