Couldn’t Ask for Better Advice…from YOU!

This is a guest post Written by UW Museology Graduate Student Nicole Robert on an exhibition that will be on view June 6 to June 8 in the HUB, 9 am to 6 pm. 3552590147_ef4975ff7e

Have you ever received a piece of phenomenally bad advice? What advice would you share with graduating students this year? We want to know! I and thirteen other UW museology graduate students have been given six weeks, $300 and 72 hours in an exhibition space to create an art installation that includes you.

Advice: Give it, Get it, Flip it, Fuck it is built around your advice. Advice Logo Unlike traditional museum displays that are organized around an artist or story, this exhibit is literally constructed around your contributions. In a class taught by Nina Simon were challenged to create a display that would facilitate interactions between strangers.

We knew that the exhibit would run in the UW HUB during the week leading up to graduation, so we wanted to develop something that would be relevant to students at the end of the year without being cheesy. The result is an exhibit about advice. Advice necessarily involves a transfer of knowledge from one person to another—an interpersonal interaction—so both the format and the ubiquity of advice make it a great structuring concept for our goals. Once advice was selected as the over-arching structure, we needed a way to collect advice (the content of the exhibit) and to build physical interactions into the exhibit. Our first step is to invite virtual participation.

Here is where you can help us! Visit our website to find out how you can contribute video, photos, voice recordings or written advice. And tell your friends! Your advice will literally shape the physical exhibit. Rather than inviting participation that led to one result, for example seeing your advice posted in the exhibit, we wanted to create something that would build on your advice, and continue to engage participation. Here are some of the interactives planned for the exhibit:

Visitors will be allowed to either act as a professional advice giver or to seek advise from pre-scheduled “expert.” Each ‘advisor’ would be able to change the plaque on the confessional to reflect what they feel their relevant personal advice-giving characteristics are (i.e “Ask a single black mother,” “Ask a working artist,” “Ask a doctor” etc.) Advice-seekers would simply approach and ask anything they want. Schedules listing our solicited advice-givers will be posted in the booth and on the tumblr page. Signage would indicate that whenever the expert “out” that you can step in and be the expert.

Visitors will create advice Mad-Lib style, by vetting requested sentence components (noun, verb, adjective) and then having these placing these into well-known adages (i.e. “always ______ before you _______” or “a ________ in the hand is worth two in the _________.”) These wacky ‘remixed’ adages will then be pressed into buttons for the visitors to wear/take home.

Visitors will write advice to the masses onto either a real or contrived “bathroom wall.” They will be encouraged by signage to share great/horrible advice and to cross-off, comment upon and remix others statements– just about what people do on normal bathroom walls. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO GO ON Visitors will be able to post questions that they want responses to in available free spaces on glass cases and other visitors will be able to cluster responses (written on glass of cases? on post-its?) around these questions. Exhibit attendants will be the only ones allowed to remove/delete questions, and this should happen once room to respond runs out. Attendants will also photo-capture images of these displays for the tumblr page. Signage will encourage people to leave questions in the free spaces and respond. We will be documenting our design experiment, so be sure to follow us on And if you are in Seattle, come visit our exhibit, on display from June 6 to June 8 in the HUB, 9 am to 6 pm. Whether you come online or in person, we need your advice! thanks Nicole – now for some advice on anger from the Golden Girls


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