Heading East for the Summer

A short while ago I had the opportunity to visit PS1. It was awe-and-then-some.

Picture 3

Prior to my visit I had submitted an application for their summer internship program  because i had seen/heard good things about the institution. Little did I know that it would feel so familiar. The exhibitions I encountered were truly extraordinary in form and content.  I also really enjoyed the art as education / exhibition as encounter feeling one gets upon entering the space. The interplay of arts institutions as educational spaces is uncompromisingly contemporary, and creates a quirky and engaging space for visitors. Picture 1

I am more than thrilled to announce that I will be working as an Installation intern his summer. Having the opportunity to learn more about installation, exhibition design, art handling, and institution registration in such a dynamic and innovative (not to mention TOTALLY RAD) institution is going to blow my mind in the best of ways. Picture 4

In addition to their current exhibitions P.S.1  offers a totally new museum experience come summer with their Young Architects Program exhibition/installation and a unique concert series, Warm-Up. You can check out more info on past series on their website and take a 3D media tour of last years events.Picture 7

Perfect? Yes. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more Whitney appropriate than to work in a contemporary arts center that hosts totally boss dance parties. I start June 15th. I leave June 13th – the day after Bike Friday at the Henry. Its going to be a long next couple of weeks, of that I am certian. Picture 6


2 Responses to “Heading East for the Summer”

  1. 1 Reed C Walton May 16, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Congratulations! This looks sweet. While you are there you must find for me the background behind this:

    it sort of trumps all the nouveau-space-age architecture and arty-skateboard parties ever combined.

  2. 2 James G. Leventhal May 17, 2009 at 4:30 am

    Queens has definitely come into its own “art wise.”


    and P.S. 1’s got a long-strong tradition of being the baddest of the bad…it ain’t even that much cleaner than it ever was.


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