Tag! Your It! and other reasons the Brooklyn Museum is totally Rad.

So, The Brooklyn Museum is kind of awesome. Its not enough to have your collections online – they know this all too well. Whats the incentive? Much like the internet, online collections databases need their own way to search though images. Unless your specifically searching something – how do you wade through thousand of photos of a museums collection – of objects that will probably never see on exhibition.

picture-2Tags. thats how.

The Brooklyn Museum has cleverly staged a competition – Tag! You’re it! – that asks its guests to participate in a rapid fire collections tagging game. The tagging process is an easy way to connect with other members of the BAM community and allows for individual authorship and interpretation. After a certain number of entries you are rewarded with ridiculously charming thank you videos created by the staff at the digital Lab.

They are also pretty great at making their institution relevant by creating virtual and physical communities that are sustainable, fun, and engaging. They have introduced a new membership plan called 1stfans that offers curated twitter updates from selected artists, opportunities to socialize at exclusive events, and updates on a number of social networking sites from facebook to flickr.

The Brooklyn Museum is totally Awesometown.


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